The Gaia Minute Call Feeling the Aliveness – Guided by Kathy

Good Morning!

Today we are going to go with somebody and walk you through The Meditation of Feeling the Aliveness

first in Mother Earth and then in your Body, so we’re going to do two different healings.

I am going to go ahead and start with the Earth.

Feel you feet on the floor. Thank you.
Feel the floor on your feet. Good.

Take a deep breath… and take another deep breath… inhale, exhale.

Now, feel the aliveness in the earth. Feel the aliveness in the trees. Feel the aliveness in the ocean. Feel the aliveness in the sky and the sun.

Visualize a flower. Visualize the smell of the flower and the colour, and how it looks. What’s the texture of your flower? Visualize touching it. Thank you.

Feel the aliveness of all the vegetables of all the gardens of Mother Earth. Feel the aliveness of all of the fruits and the nourishment that Mother Earth gives us and exchanges to us daily and freely. Thank you for all of that.

I’m feeling like the awareness of awareness of the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and how we have the personal size that we can reach out and feel all of the organic sensations of Mother Earth…all the tones and the sounds.

Now feel the aliveness in your feet. Thank you. I am going up the Body.

Feel the aliveness in your right leg. Good.
Feel the aliveness in your left leg. All right.
Feel the aliveness in your seat. Feel your seat on the chair and the chair on your seat, and be there very comfortably…breathing
Feel the aliveness of the air given to us from Mother Earth, and the gift we give back to keep things nurtured and alive.
Feel the aliveness in your right palm as you receive the gifts you desire right now from Mother Earth.
Feel the aliveness in your left palm. Thank you.
Feel the aliveness in your arms.
Feel the aliveness and energy in your chest and abdomen area. Thank you.
Feel the aliveness in your back and feel your spine straightening up.
Feel the energy just shooting up from the center of earth through the soil to you.
Feel the aliveness in your face… in your smile… in your beautiful eyes. Breath.
Feel the moisture in your mouth. Feel the sounds around you and the sound directions.
Allow your emotional state to come up as high as you want and higher and higher.
Be your own best friend right now. Feel the rhythm of you.
Feel the rhythm of you sharing with all of your friends and flowing back and forth.
(breathing) Healing all of your endocrine states right now…Thank you.
Feel the colours all around you.
Have the awareness of awareness of Life.
You give to Mother Earth.
Mother Earth gives to you.
It’s an amazing amazing blessing. Namasté

Now I’m going to give a prayer.

May the universe enable all men
to reach an understanding
of their spiritual nature.

May awareness and
understanding of life expand,
so that all may come to know
their own paths and their own ways
of the universe.

And may others also
reach this understanding
which brings Total Freedom.

At this time, we think of those
whose liberty is threatened;
of those who have suffered
imprisonment for their beliefs,
of those who are enslaved
or martyred, and for all those
who are brutalized, trapped
or attacked.

We pray that human rights
will be preserved
so that all people may believe
and worship freely,
so that freedom
will once again
be seen in our land.

Freedom from war,
and poverty, and want;
freedom to be;
freedom to do;
and freedom to have.

Freedom to use and
understand man’s potential–
a potential that is God-given
and Godlike.

And freedom to achieve
that understanding
and awareness that is
Total Freedom.

May God let it be so.

Thank you for being a part of this.

©2010 Kathy Smith