A Space To Leave Your Heart Prints

is a co-creative project, started purposefully to create a collection of wisdom from ALL philosophical paths, primarily in an encyclopedia format.

We compile inspirational material from different religions, traditions, spirituality & paths about the SAME subjects with a link to each Source when posting topics.

Together we seek the common underlying Truth and harmony that we sense in all paths. We celebrate both the unique diversity & the affinity & tolerance of all paths. We are not seeking to make them appear as one path but rather, celebrating them as Many Windows of One Light.


All posts made by members in One light Many Windows Networks are commented and discussed via comment in The Light Forum and then considered for selection to be added to http://onelightmanywindows.wordpress.com/

Please  post quotations if you can add these details: reference of Author and where the quotation was found.

No quotation in ONE LIGHT MANY WINDOWS LIBRARY mentions  the name of the poster.

Thank you for the gifts you bring for the benefit of all being